Make IT Portable: Give em OVAs!


It has been a busy few weeks.  A big part of that has been rebuilding my home lab to focus on doing real lab work not dabbling in whatever struck my fancy over the past few months.  In doing so I have been spinning up machines left and right.  Frustratingly I have had to spin up some of those servers 4 or 5 times in order to get to them to do what I need them to do. Over and over and over we have been calling for the elimination of complexity when its not required.  But in the simple … [Read more...]

Don’t Limit your Challenges. Challenge your Limits!


A little over four years ago I wrote:  "the best $1.80 I ever spent."  In that post I broke down the concept of what my value was and how I was no longer going to play by the rules.  The organization that I joined on December 14, 2010 was Language Access Network.  They let me break those rules and do great things. In coming to work there I took on the role of CTO and went from just a guy who does networks to being someone who the business looked to for ideas, strategy and vision.  That has been … [Read more...]

Tail-F Systems….Another one Bites the Dust?

Tail-F Systems

I want start off by saying congratulations to the team at Tail-F Systems! I have been in this business for a long time and I have seen some great companies come an go. When I was was at Network FieldDay 7 I was thrilled with Tail-F’s Presentation. These guys have amazing tech. There two core products are ConfD and NCS. I will let you dig into them on your own but the long and short of it is as follows: ConfD: Is an OEM platform for enabling management systems and CLI inside of vendor hardware … [Read more...]

Just what the doctor didn’t order.

Just What the Doctor Didn't Order

Wow… these last six months of my career has been intense. I can’t pinpoint any one project or situation but yeah intense. In this time period I have noticed quite a few things. My stress level is through the roof. My processing ability is way down. I am always exhausted. My anger responses are higher than normal. There have been other things but these all tie in. If you look at any of this you could probably look at it and say oh yeah stress is the key to that. But I don't think it … [Read more...]

Why a Network?

Why a Network-

So today there was a string of posts on twitter that ended up with a statement from @santinorizzo about why we built networks in the first place.  "No, traditional networking has always been about connecting hosts, not delivering apps."  This was the quote.  I will start by saying I do not agree at all.  I will also own up right now and say that I don't think that @santinorizzo meant this as literally as I am taking it but it did get me thinking alot.  So I wanted to respond in a post. … [Read more...]

WhoIS Episode 002: Stephen Foskett

WHOIS-Stephen Foskett

In this Episode of WhoIS, we have our first guest Stephen Foskett. I was thrilled for the opportunity to talk to Stephen following Network Field Day 5 and I think you will enjoy our conversation. When your done make sure you check out Stephen at the following links; Foskett Services The Storage Community On the Twitters Tech Field Day   … [Read more...]

Back in the Saddle with NFD5

Well here I am in San Jose again for another Tech Field Day event. I'm thrilled to be joining some of my old friends as well as meeting some new ones as we get ready to head out to our first vendor for Network Field Day 5. Keep watching I'm sure there will be some fun new content comming out of this event. Until then check out the Life Stream of NFD5 right here.   If you want to know more about the other delegates and what Tech Field Days are all about head over to The Tech Field Day … [Read more...]