Money Where My Mouth is, Get Coding Giveaway (UPDATE 2.0)

WE HAVE WINNERS!!  Big Congratulations to:

John Swanson


Dustin Plunkett

Hoping to get them both on the blog in the near future.  Thanks to everyone who participated.  Sign up for ACL, The StaticNAT Newsletter for future offers and to see what we are doing here at StaticNAT!

So lately I have been on a coding kick.  More and more I believe that staying competitive in the IT space is going to require at least a minimal understanding of how to code.  I know I am late to this game but I also know there are lots of other who are even further behind but want to start.  Yesterday I posted about how I got started coding and the tools I have found useful so far in going from zero to three on the automation scale.  The more I have thought about that post, the more I realized that if I feel this strongly about moving people down the coding and automation path I should be willing to put my money where my mouth is.

By far the most influential book in learning Python for me has been Learn Python the Hard Way by Zed Shaw.  So I am going to give two copies this book away.  Let me point out that I do not know Zed and I am doing this out of my “Blogging Allowance”.  I have always believed in helping elevate people in their lives and in their careers.  Sometimes you can do that with a cup of coffee and a hour long chat, other times you have to drag someone kicking and screaming to their potential and others you just have to spend some time and money on.

So how is thing going to work you ask?  Great question.  Well I am working out the details over the weekend.  Long and short I am going to setup an opt-in page for StaticNAT for you to subscribe to if you would like a chance at one of the two books.  I plan on running the opt-in page for two weeks to allow people to sign up.  Once the two weeks are up I’m going to run the people who have joined the list through a randomizer and the first two that pop out get the books.  I don’t care who you are or where you are in your career or coding experience I want you to sign up!  If you win and don’t need it you can tell me someone who could use and I will gladly send them your copy.

Stay tuned!  I should have all this worked out by early next week and I am excited about getting two more people moving down the coding path!

The Signup is live!  At the top of the page you should see a place to add your First Name, Last Name and email address.  Just fill that out and your in the running!  We will select the two winners on Sunday November 29, 2015.  If you want to invite friends all you have to do is send them to and they will get a form to submit on the homepage.  If your worried about me spamming you to much after this is all over lets be honest I don’t really have the time to do that.  I am considering a quarterly newsletter called ACL the StaticNAT newsletter.  Heck if you don’t even want that feel free to unsubscribe after the drawing!  Good luck to everyone!

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