How We Do What We Do

So here at we are not focused on how to build blogs or any of the tools that go with them.  However we do feel that blogging even from the perspective of just using a blog as a scratch pad, has huge career value.  So we are throwing this post together to show others the tools we use.  Some of these are going to be affiliate links because if I am going to advertise I might as well potentially get paid.


Hosting Provider:  Digital Ocean

DNS:  Dreamhost

Blog Platform:  WordPress

Theme:  Make

Monitoring:  DataDog

For the most part that covers it.  We will update this list as we add more features and generate some content around each of the items.  But I encourage you not to wait any longer.

Get a Digital Ocean account and run with it.  They have one click installs for popular platforms like wordpress.  But even more valuable they act as a great low cost lab environment for all your platform and coding exploration.

If this seems a bit daunting check out the Digital Ocean tutorials here.

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