“the books you read and the people you meet”

Ever since I saw Dave Ramsey at Catalyst a few years ago I have been a huge fan.  Then last February we went through Financial Peace University.  From that point on I have pretty much become a zealot.  Yeah I’ll admit it.  Since February we have led two more FPU classes and until our local talk radio show moved to a new format I listened to Dave everyday.  As it is I continue to listen on the net and the podcast.

One of the lines that I have taken to heart is then Dave talks about one of his friends saying “your only difference between now and ten years from now will be the books you read and the people you meet”.   I think there is something to this.  For me I meet new people everyday and in the past two years I have been lucky enough to not only meet new people  but actually interact with them and grow my sphere of friends and colleagues.  One thing I have not been doing though was reading non-fiction outside of the technical material need to do my job.  In January though I committed to changing that and if you will notice the sidebar of the the blog or choose to click on this link you see what I have, am and will be reading.

If you take the time you will notice that much of my reading focus is on marketing, business and sales.  Part of that is me wanting to be better at what I do as a Network Engineer in an expanding market.  But I won’t lie by saying that there isn’t a bigger plan to my reading madness and I look forward to sharing that with you all in the next few months.  Until then what have you read and who have you met?  Because 10 years from now what you start doing today could change your life.

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