A Few Easy Steps: Cisco IOS, wr memory vs. copy run start

In this Session of A Few Easy Steps, we are going to deal with an issue that one of my friends on Twitter @santinorizzo brought up about the Cisco IOS configs in this series. That issue is the use of wr memory  versus copy running-config starup-config when saving config changes to the startup config. This post will be one of the few that actually goes into details. In general when you enter a config to a Cisco device it takes affect immediately by writing the command to a file that is called running-config. However unless you also copy the running-config file to the startup-config file that IOS reads by default when a Cisco IOS device boots up. Kind of confusing if your not used to Cisco gear which is a major reason I don’t plan on explaining a lot in this series. You can dig into this more if you want here.

The reality is either of these commands work just fine in any Cisco IOS. However when you jump from IOS to NX-OS or possibly some other Cisco Operating Systems you have to use Copy run start. So in an effort make these sessions as timeless as possible I am going to switch all my current configs to Copy run start and move forward with that in the future.


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