WhoIS: Moving Past Technology and back to People.

Over the past five years the world of Information Technology has been undergoing some radical shifts. As is always the case these shifts are being led by people who are driven solve problems, build community and in general take leadership where none exists. We often hear the these people talking about their thoughts on a concept or a particular technology.

What we seldom see or hear though is who that person is, how they made it to where they are now and what really drives them to get out of bed every morning and config another router, install another server or lead the armies of engineers and analysts back into war against the ever failing infrastructure. I think it is time to change that. In the next month or so we will be starting our new Audio/Podcast series WhoIS.

As we lead up to our first recordings I would love to know what you have always wanted to ask the grizzled veterans, though leaders and your peers but you have never had the guts or opportunity to ask. Currently I have two confirmed guests and I am building a much larger list that will include some people you most likely know and hopefully quite a few that you have never heard of who change our industry quietly but no in no less critical ways than those who are out front in the public eye.

So comment here with ideas for questions, check back often or watch me @joshobrien77 on twitter for who my guests will be. I can promise you it will be a great time getting to know these amazing people.

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