NAT Store: The books you read and the stuff you use.

One of the lines that I have taken to heart in Life is  “your only difference between now and ten years from now will be the books you read and the people you meet”.  I read it years ago and since then I have doubled down on my reading.  Prior to this I was reading lots of fiction and technical documents around doing my jobs as a network engineer.  Since then I have expanded into Finance, Marketing, Strategy and more.  I can’t begin to tell you the difference in my life it made.  While I won’t go into details actions I took as a direct result of what I was reading helped me go from a mid five figure salary to a solid six figure salary and on a pace that made me part of the businesses I was with not just an employee.

Over the years I have had people ask me to post a list of the books that have been influential to me.  I have done it several ways in the past but none of them have been very easy to manage.   So I would like to introduce the NAT Store.  This is an Amazon Affiliate Store that I have setup to keep long term track of books I have read that have made an impact on me and make it easy for you my reader to access them.  With this I will continue to post new books as I go through them.  Now that this is up and running I can also write some posts about why some of these books were so important to my growth.

Along with the books I figured I would take the opportunity to add a few other sections to the store as well.  The Get Coding section is a direct result of the  efforts I have been putting forth to learn Python and Automation.  Outside of Books You Read section I have also created Fiction for Fun.  For awhile I swore off Fiction but over time I found my brain needed an outlet and that fiction also gave my imagination a boost  I hope these books will do the same for you.  In The Tech I Use area you will find the technology items that I rely on day in and day out to get things done.  While the Books You Read Section is mostly complete I plan on adding more sections and more items to each section in short order.  So keep checking in to see whats going on here.

In the spirit of transparency I want to be clear that if you click through the store link and purchase though there I do get a small commission for sending Amazon some new business.  Any support you give through that process is greatly appreciated.  So go read and be someone new and amazing between now and ten years from now!

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