The King has left the building…err…the web. (Final Update)

Thats right kiddies. is off line. I have a pending case with TAC in which I was supposed to download files with special access. Stay tuned for that story later. However as I tried to get the files all my attempts to contact anything off of the Cisco main page game up dead. I confirmed this from an iPhone on AT&T m XV6700 on Verizon as well as a network off of the State of Ohio Backbone. With my homework done I contacted an engineer at Cisco who confirmed…” Yep we are down…not one of our best days. We should be back online sometime later tonight. My engineer is in the eastern time zone with me and it was 3pm when he told me this so sounds like the are on the mat for a few more hours. Not sure what the problem is or how wide spread, but I’ll wager that this costs someone their job and Cisco allot of money.(Update 4:53pm EST)

Well I wont say that Cisco is all the way back up but I can get to However trying to get to forums and or downloads is still throwing gateway timeouts or internal server errors. I personally think this is pretty huge. Cisco being one of the primary vendors for internet infrastructure, I would think that they were protected against this sort of thing. Again I have no idea how large or widespread the outage is but with their high availability options as well as routing options such as BGB and data center solutions for distribution of content this should be almost impossible. I would love to hear if you can access Cisco or if your down to. So either digg the story and comment or just comment here on staticnat.


(Update 9:51pm EST)

Well Looks like is all the way back up.  Not sure when it happened but it did.  I will say that I am finally downloading my special rev of PIX IOS 8 and its dog slow…..  My connection at home seems fine as does the connection at my client when I VPN’d in to see if their link was faster.  Anyway looks like it was a bad day in Ciscoland and as we all know one bad day seldom leads to good days for awhile.  I hope for all the Cisco Engineers working on resolving whatever woes they may be experiencing that they are able to get a few hours of sleep tonight and maybe even something other than pizza and caffeine to sustenance.

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