Reverb in the Forge….a Catalyst to Leadership.

Life is interesting where it takes us and what the path looks like along the way. I have worked in Higher Ed, Government, Consulting, for myself and all sorts of funky combinations in between. Since I was young though I have been told that I am a leader. What I didn’t realise until about three years ago though, was that if I was going to believe all those people who told me that and actively put myself in situations of responsibility and leadership I would have to take responsibility for my actions in all aspects of my life. As an active setp in the process of taking responsibility for my life and leadership I took advantage of an oppertunity this week.

Every October in Atlanta the biggest leadership conference in the world takes place. It is called Catalyst. I encourage you to chek the site, but do yourself a favor and view the printable version of the site. Their flash site is a bit to flashy to be functional. Something you are going to see right off the bat is that Catalyst is based in the Christian Church and grounded in Scripture. My pastor asked me to attend this conference with him and our worship lead. When I took this opertunity to my boss and owner of the company I work for I was thrilled with their responce. Not only did they grant me permision to go but they also acknowledged that this is a critical component to succeding.

This year the confernce title is Reverb. The point of focus is how we reverberate our leadership whether it be good or bad across all of those we come into contact with. I am going to get some other posts up as this goes along but the take away from this post should be in order to succede as passionate and valued members of our industry we must embrace the responsibiity and power of leadership and allow it to possitivly shape and mold us and those around us in the Forge of life. If we can do this then we will leave a legacy that extend beyond the moment of a leadership decision.

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