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Smarter, Faster, Better….Network Super Search Stands Alone!

Here at we have been playing with some new ideas.  Among those are all the cool tools that Google offers to webmasters, bloggers and anyone else willing to take the time.  One of these options is Google Custom Search and its pretty cool.  A few nights ago I introduced a new feature on the site called The Network Super Search.  The point of the Network Super Search was to create a curated list of sites that could be searched for expert information outside of the vendors.

But it got me thinking about the old days of search prior to Google.  I hated all the garbage I had to deal with and then Google came along with their clean site and massive index.  Staticnat is clearly not that type of environment so I hit the domain register and found that was available well now its not and starting today I have extended my original idea to its own dedicated site.  I do plan on keeping the original Network Super Search here on Staticnat, and I will continue to find great resources other than vendors and curate them here.  Once I have done that I will add them to so both locations keep growing in value.  I have quite a few other ideas for how to make better over time and if I can find clean ways to offer multiple types of curated searches on the site I will eventual retire the search on here.  Anyway I would love some feedback as to what you think and I would love see it get used.  So check it out spread it around wallow in it a bit and hopefully it serves its purpose.  I will be posting the curated sites shortly and I would love feedback and recommendations for other great sites to add to the search.  So comment, hit me up on twitter @joshobrien77 or stalk me like a few others have lately your call.

One last thing if you don’t quite get what is going on here Check out;

This Google Search for VLANs HERE.

This Search for VLANs HERE.


This theNetworkSuperSearch Search for VLANs HERE.

What you will find from the top down that is that the search results are more and more specific to the networking industry.



A Few New Things

For a long time was supposed to be something more more than my scratch pad.  I have wanted to be a hub of information for other in the IT community especially focused on the networking side of things.  Recently I have been doing quite a bit of reading concerning internet marketing and how to really setup a site for success.  If you have been coming here at all lately you will have noticed a new series of posts that we are doing called A Few Easy Steps.  Based on the traction we have received so far from that I want to start adding other helpful options to the site as well.

Tonight we would like to introduce another new addition to the site;  The Network Super Search.  This page is a custom GOOGLE search that we have setup that pulls from what we consider the top sources in the Networking Industry outside of the actual vendors.  I plan on curating this search list over time so it retains is usefulness and exposes the top minds in our field.  Right now we have a great group of sites listed and will be adding quite a few more in the near future.  So go ahead try it out and see what you can find.

To wrap this up expect to see ongoing changes.  We will be playing with ads, podcasts, videos and a few other ideas over the next few months to a year.  PLEASE comment and let us know what you like and don’t like.  What is useful and what is just meh.  Follow me on twitter @joshobrien77 and engage with the community.  Can’t wait to see where we can take this.  Thanks!