And DDOS will rule them all.

Wow…crazy past few days.  We have had lots of snow and bitter cold temperatures here in Ohio this week.  That has led most of my education clients to be closed since Monday.  While this may not be great for them it has allowed me to get into their buildings and perform some major upgrades that have been stalled to activities in buildings.  However I guess while I was transitioning a school to a new IP address scheme and implementing routing and VLANs the a big chunk of the internet got slammed.  I only bring this up because as we speak I am connected using my XV6700 as an EVDO modem because it appears my education clients are down due to a DDOS attack upstream of them.  Not allot more to say just figured I would cover yesterdays story and throw in my current headache.  However the one good point is that I have proven my investment in my XV6700 as valid as a source for testing VPNs and as emergency internet access during outages.

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