Winbook 37T1 and Sony RM-AV3000 THANK YOU GOD!

Nice and simple post. After 3 years of Having our Winbook 37T1 LCD Which as been a great Cheap TV. I Paid $399 New for it. And 2 Years of having my Sony RM-AV3000 that I traded a set of JBL PC speakers for I can say that they work together.

Tonight I just sat down and kept trying likely codes until I found that it responded to the Samsung TV Code 8026 for the Sony RV-AV3000. I hope this gets indexed and helps some other folks. I know from reading on AVS forum that some of these TVs respond to Tatung codes but in my case it did not.


  1. MikeInSeoul says:

    So, I’m gonna assume you didn’t have the original remote, right? That’s one thing that made me first fall in love with my RM3000 … it could learn almost anything. It’s like it will never be out of date (maybe).

    Actually, I kind of miss that feature in my current remote, a Harmony 880. No pointing and teaching without being plugged into the PC and using the remote s/w.

    • cratejockey says:

      You are correct, original remote was bad out of the box. I really want a nice harmony but it is not in the debt reduction plan. Plus figured it was a waste of a good piece of tech to not use the Sony. My kids will just end up messing it up anyway.

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