#WhoIS is BACK!

WOW it has been a long time.  It has taken life and career changes to get me back to the point that I have been able to really think about picking this up again.  I have had amazing feedback from the original audience and I am hoping to do even better for you al this time.

In the first season amazing guests in:


  • Aneel Lakhani who sadly we did not get to post due to career changes for him and way to much on my plate on my part.  But I am going to take another swing at getting him on the mic!

All in we have had more than 2600 unique listeners to those episodes.  That is so cool that I have been able to reach so many people through my site.

With all that said here is the list of questions.  We start recording tonight!!  So if you have any thoughts feel free to comment with suggestions of things you would like to know or things we could have done better.

The Questions:

  1.  Who do you work for?
  1. What is your roll where you work?
  1. What was your first computer?
  1. What Computer do you use now, and why?
  1. How did you come to be in the IT industry?
  1. When did you feel like you really had made it?
  1. What would you tell your younger self knowing what you know now?
  1. How important has social media blogging and such been to your career?
  1. Is there a Down side to Social Media?
  1. If money was no issue what would you be doing?
  1. What inspires you?
  1. Where are you from originally?
  1. Where are you located now?
  1. What is the next big thing in technology in your opinion?
  1. Introvert or extrovert?
  1. What does a normal Week look like for you?
  1. Do you think a degree is critical to success in the IT industry?
  1. What has been your Best and Worst Project in your Career?
  1. Do you have a home lab, cloud lab, company lab?…what is in it and what do you use it for?
  1. Who has been the most influential person in your career?
  1. If you Had one piece of advice for someone starting in IT today what would it be?

One comment

  1. John Lockie says:

    Cool man…..long time no talk. If you’re ever interested in talking to someone in Finance and Security hit me up. Stoked to see you getting into this again. I think the up and coming IT pros are really hungry for career advice.

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