Three weeks in two, bah who needs sleep.

Ok based on the title and the personal info I am about to divuldge I should be in bed right now. I tried that and I just cant go to slleep so I figured I would fuel the growing masses that are checking out Staticnat. As last week ended I knew things were going to be busy for the upcomming few weeks. What caught me by surprise was that by the end of today I had more than 120 hours or work scheduled by the end of the day today. Don’t get me wrong I have worked my share of 60, 70 and even 80 hour weeks, but when I hit those higher numbers I can usually slow down the following week. So just for the sake of posterity I’m goingto break down my next two weeks here along with a few thoughts about it.

Monday: Eight Hour day. Normal day between the office and client site dealing with light to medium network and server issues.

Tuesday: Eighteen Hour day: This one is a bit heavier. Starting in the morning I have office work to wrap up along with a few quotes and my expensre report for the past six months (I’ve been a bit busy). Late morning am driving 40 minutes to a long time client that I have not yet had a chane to meet yet and picking up some equipment. By noon I need to be on site at my primary client. And there I will stay until our weekly network revamp is complete probably around 1:30 or 2:00am.

Wensday: Eight Hour Day: Ah back to normal…First thing in the AM I have to support my client from Tuesday night to make sure that the network is in tip top shape for clients as the arrive. Around noon I will return to the office and wrap up some administrative functions prior to the onslaught of the upcomming six days.

Thursday: Twelve hour day: Up before the sun and driving three and a half hours to a long term client. Actually the first client that I ever worked for with Newcome. Once on site we will be installing network management and monitoring software in the form of PRTG and Whats UP Pro. From there its off to my favorite watering hole away from home and to my hotel to answer emails and such.

Friday: Twelve hour day: Awake from my wonderful night of sleep (it takes me at least 3 days in a hotel before I can sleep more than 3 or 4 hours) and off to the client who luckily is less than 2 minutes from my hotel. Today I need to wrap up the managment applications and talk to the client about long term network management and planning including designing thier new firewall. And at the end of the day three hours home.

Saturday: This day is mine…so none of your bussiness

Sunday: Five hour day: Church from 8am till Noon. From there straight to the Airport for my flight to Ottawa Canada. Thus begins the first part of the new week. We are newly partnered with a really cool security company by the name of CryptoCard based out of Ottawa, Ontario and this is my first training session with them. I have been a firm believer in their line of Multi-Facto authentication products since I first heard about them as an Engineer with the State of Ohio. Now I get to take my passion and interest in this product to clients.

Monday: Eight hour day: CryptoCard Training..not much else to say then back to a hotel room.

Tuesday: Twenty hour day: CryptoCard Training…Flight Leaves at 6pm…arrives in Columbus at 10:30pm. Then the fun begins my primary client is picking me up at the airport so I can keep our Tuesday Network conversion schedule. Depending on how things go hopefully we’ll have it all wrapped up by 2 or 3am.

Wensday: Eight hour day: Back to client support in the morning following the network conversion. Then wrapping up the day with office work and hopefully my expense report from the past week of travel.

Thursday: Ten hour day: Strangely enough no sooner to I get back to town from CryptoCard training and I’m deploying my first CryptoCard client. Pretty cool I think. This customer is a long term education client who really gets security and network managment and it will be a pleasure to move them into a secure authenticaion system.

Friday: Ten hour day: And now for the last day of this grinder. Today I hope to have the CryptoCard install completed and tested for authentication to the primary network equipment. And with that I’m pretty much done rambling.

So the final tally of what I have scheduled is……. 119 Hours in Two weeks (Thats scheduled not actual…I would guess that you could add another 8 to 12 hours to this) Break that into the fourty hour work week and almost three weeks of work in two weeks. WooHoo

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