Going Deep, when A few Easy Steps is Not Enough

So as we have been working through A Few Easy Steps, our series designed be provide immediately actionable content, we have seen the need for a series that goes more in depth.  So with some feedback from our great friends on twitter we have decided to launch a new series we are calling Going Deep.

Quite honestly not all of these posts are doing to be crazy detailed or complex.  The first one is going to be about finding a host in an Enterprise Cisco Environment using the basic tools for the mac table and arp table.  But we feel to walk someone new to this process through some descriptions and a basic diagram.  As you can see this is something different than A Few Easy Steps.

Going Deep will also give us a place for the more detailed Server configuration type posts.  As much as I think you can boil anything down to one or two steps then layer those processes together, sometimes you just need to see it all pulled together in more detail.  So stay tuned because we are Going Deep here people and who knows what we’ll find.

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