Been a good day. Got me some getlibs!

So on my personal laptop (Dell Lattitude D630) I installed Ubuntu 64bit 9.10. I did this for two reasons.

  1. This is the same laptop I have for work and it is safer to mess with this one and know that it works then the one I have to use every day.
  2. I really want my family to get away from Windows OS’s as their only option.  So now the wife works every day with an Open Source OS and that is cool!

One of the huge annoyances so far with 64-bit has been that adobe applications just as air don’t seem to like the 64-bit binaries and libraries.  For me this has sucked because I am a HUGE fan of TweetDeck.  I use my Twitter account as a gateway to other IT professionals and entrepreneurs all over the world.  So not having my goto platform for Twitter working at home as sucked.

So this afternoon I took a few minutes and did what I have done at least 5 other times in the past few months and and I Googled “TweetDeck in 64-bit Linux” and today it returned GOLD! .

I wan to say a bit thanks to Tony for doing his homework on this and helping the rest of us cheat and get it working.  Also wanted to post the link for more info on getlibs .  If you are going to play with 64-bit linux understand what getlibs can do for you.

Hope this helps some folks and enjoy!

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