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ASA VPN Commands to Remember

From time to time I’ll just post these quick little snippets of code. Honestly, this is so I have a reference for them in the future. This set comes from troubleshooting why my VPN would connect but not allow me to see the networks I had allowed in my VPN GROUP ACE.

This command allows the ASA to detect VPN clients behind NAT device’s and encapsulates the traffic into UDP on port 4500. Click on the command to see the detailed description and usage of this command.

crypto isakmp nat-traversal 20

sysopt connection permit-vpn

Cisco PIX to ASA not what it seems.

We I am still behind in getting configs published. But please know that they are coming. This is a hobby for me and like most hobbies it is lower in my priority queue than work and family. One of the items that took priority this week was a conversion from a pair of PIX 515sto ASA-5540s with AIP-20s.

I learned a lot about traffic, hardware limitations and marketing with this project. This whole project started shortly after an upgrade from a DSL to their upstream provider to a 100 Mbit Circuit. Along with the circuit upgrade they customer also started using a WebApp provided by their upstream provider that generated alot of connections but not allot of bandwidth. To make a long story short we ended up having sudden outages that would come and go with no explanation…that is until I checked the connections on thier PIX 515. During outages they were running between 148,000 to 160,000 connections and their pic was designed to handle 120,000. We could have performed connection tuning on the PIX but the client was ready to move on to an ASA. Read more