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Well if you have not yet figured it out this site is going to be dedicated to the networking community. I have been part of this community now since 1996 in some capacity. Currently I am a Networking Consultant for an upscale integrator in Columbus, Ohio. I am spinning this site up for several reasons.

1. I would like to chronicle my path from a network administrator up through my certification process for Cisco and other networking Vendors.

2. I would like to share the information I learn along the way. This is a career field in which you must never stop learning. There is simply to much to begin with and it just keeps growing. I strongly believe that we in the Enterprise Networking/IT field do not live in a vacuum. Very few network shops ever are the first to do something. For that reason I think it is important that there is an easy to use resource to find the solutions to a problem that others have already concurred or at crossed paths with.

3. Because doing something new (ie. This Blog) never hurt anyone and it will help me grow my skill set.

4. I hope to shed light on little known products and/or solutions that I have come across in an effort to not only ease the pain of network administration for other but to give credit to those who work hard to create solutions (both free and commercial) for us.

I might get off to a somewhat slow start we will have to see. But over time I plan on adding lots of features to this site. Shortly I will have a Guestbook and I encourage anyone visiting this site to not only register and comment on what find here but to also sign into the guestbook with a public email address and some information about yourself and your specialty. Networking is not a purely technical endeavor, but social as well. As a group we are a influential and vast repository of information as an individual we are nothing more than a host in a sea of routers.

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