A Few Easy Steps: Cisco IOS, Disable Noisy Mode

One of the things that we are going to attempt in The Few Easy Steps sessions is make it a cut and paste endeavor. This could get complicated when we move into products like Windows and VMWare but we plan on making the effort to use tools such as powershell to accomplish this goal. In Cisco IOS it is usually pretty straight forward.  However Cisco IOS will sometimes prompt for responces even with you have included the explicit details it needs.  You can see this in Cisco Switch, Setting up a VLAN or Cisco IOS, Telnet and SSH Setup sessions. What you see is every time you use

 copy running-config startup-config

you will be prompted to confirm that you want  the startup-config file.

StaticNatSW1#copy running-config startup-config
Destination filename [startup-config]? 
Building configuration...

That prompt gets in the way of simple copy and paste commands but it is how Cisco IOS handles some commands. There is a way to eliminate it however. I have made this its own session because there are some risks involved. If you would like to dive into more detail please check out, Reduce the noise generated by the Cisco IOS copy command by @ioshints

Session Prerequisites:

  • You have terminal or console access to your Cisco device

Session Assumptions:

  • You want to disable copy run start prompt

Our goal for this session is:

  • Set File Prompt to Quiet

Set File Prompt to Quiet:

conf t
file prompt quiet
copy running-config startup-config

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