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The Magical Disappearing ASA ACL.

I was on a client site about a month ago finishing an ASA install running PIX IOS 7.2.3. We were moving the client from flat ACLs to Object Group based ACLs, Object groups and named hosts. But for whatever reason we were having problems with the ACL. So from the command line I planned on using the tried and true no access-list “ACL NAME” to get rid of the offending ACL and start over. I was confused when the ACL did not go away. Well in reading 6200networks yesterday I came accross the the answer. From global config mode use clear configure access-list “id” and is should take care of that troublesome ACL. Thanks to Joe at 6200networks for the info.

Digital Demons, lets cast them out of our digital homes.

Back on March 19th of this year I posted, “Three weeks in two, bah who needs sleep.”, I must have lied because between those two weeks and the subsequent crazy weeks following I pretty much fell off the map. During the aforementioned two weeks though I visited Ottawa, Canada for Sales and Engineering training for CryptoCard. For me trips like this are exciting not for the trip but for the time I get to spend with other professionals learning, hanging out and passing on our tricks to each other. During a break on the training routine our instructor Patrick posed a question something to the affect of; if we don’t like spam and attacks and we know that 20 to 30% of all spam and attacks come from North Korea and China then why don’t we block them at the edge? Read more